1. Company On the Wave Eugeniusz Wiszowaty, based in Świnoujście, provides services in the field of short-term rental of a flat, known as an apartment, for short-term tourist needs to guests / clients.


The terms used mean:

  • Guest / Client - the person making the reservation and then the client of the company "Na Wave Eugeniusz Wiszowaty".
  • Service provider - the company "On the wave Eugeniusz Wiszowaty" providing the rental service.
  • Confirmation of reservation - a document containing all data regarding the stay in the apartment, i.e. the name of the apartment, date of stay, number of people, price of services, rules of cancellation and payment for the stay.
  • Guaranteed reservation - a reservation for which an advance payment has been made on time.
  • Non-guaranteed reservation - each reservation awaiting an advance payment.
  • Advance payment - the amount to be paid required to guarantee the stay and maintenance of the reservation, specified in the booking confirmation.

The Client / Guest getting acquainted with the following information and accepting its content is necessary to provide the service.

  1. The current offer of apartments available for rent is available on the website
  2. After getting acquainted with the offer, the Customer / Guest agrees with the Service Provider by phone, e-mail, in person, details of the date and price of the service. At this point, the apartment is pre-booked.
  3. Within the next 24 hours, the Customer / Guest will receive a confirmation of the reservation by e-mail. The booking confirmation sent by the Service Provider will contain provisions regarding the agreed apartment, booking date, number of people reported and the price for the service. From that moment, the Customer / Guest is obliged to make an advance payment in the amount specified in the booking confirmation to the Service Provider's bank account within 2 days (unless otherwise agreed). This amount will be a down payment for the rental service.
  4. The customer / guest making the reservation is obliged to pay the deposit in accordance with the information contained in the received booking confirmation. The date of prepayment is the date of crediting the Service Provider's bank account.
  5. Exceeding the deadline for paying the deposit may result in the cancellation of the initial reservation - a non-guaranteed reservation, however, if the reservation was canceled and the Customer / Guest made the payment after the deadline, he will be informed about it, and the deposit after deducting operating costs in the amount of PLN 60.00. returned to the payer's account within 7 days.
  6. Confirmation of the reservation with the deposit paid on time is a confirmation of the contract between the Customer / Guest and the Service Provider.
  7. The remaining amount for the stay will be paid by the Client / Guest in cash at the latest on the day of arrival.
  8. On the day of arrival, an additional spa tax is charged in the amount of PLN 4.40 per person for each started day.
  9. According to the information contained in the confirmation, the given date of stay is binding for both parties.
  10. In the event of shortening the stay, the Service Provider will not refund the fee for the booked stay.
  11. The contract, which is the confirmation of the reservation, expires on the day of departure stated in the confirmation received.
  12. In the event of cancellation of the reservation / cancellation of the arrival, the Customer / Guest bears the costs of the advance payment.
  13. If the Client / Guest does not appear at the facility on the day of the planned arrival by 18.00 (or at a later date previously agreed with the Service Provider) the reservation is canceled and the Service Provider may sell the stay from the next day to another Customer / Guest.
  14. In the A + and A season, reservations are made only for full weeks.


  1. The desire to change the reservation made, the Guest should notify in writing to the Service Provider's seat, however, if the change is to concern the date of stay in the apartment, it should be reported no later than 30 days before the date of arrival specified in the order.
  2. Subject to the above, the Service Provider will consider the proposed changes and will inform the Guest in writing about the decision.
  3. In the event that a change in the booking made is not possible, it remains in force.


  1. In the event of cancellation more than 30 days before the date of arrival, the Guest bears operating costs in the amount of PLN 150.00
  2. In the event of cancellation up to 30 days before the date of arrival, the Guest bears the costs of the advance payment.
  3. In the event of cancellation on the day of arrival or in the absence of cancellation, the Guest is obliged to pay the full amount for the stay within the booked period.
  4. The possibility of canceling without incurring any charges by the Guest exists only when the Guest indicates a new Customer for the same apartment and at the same time. In this case, the Guest will receive a refund of the advance payment, minus operating costs in the amount of PLN 150.00, not earlier than 7 days after the end of the rental of the indicated person. In any case, the cancellation will be confirmed by the Service Provider in writing.


 The price given in the apartment description is a gross price and includes:

  1. The maximum number of people staying in the apartment for one night.
  2. The cost of utilities used by Guests (energy, water, heating), unless it is clearly excessive.

    The price does not include
  3. Spa tax (PLN 4.40 per person for each started day).
  4. Possible rental of a garage.


  1. Unless otherwise agreed, we expect Guests on the first day of stay from 2 p.m. at the address of the rented apartment.
  2. The Guest, together with the Service Provider, will go to the apartment and accept it on the spot.
  3. Upon arrival at the apartment, the Guest is obliged to present a valid identity card (ID card, driving license, passport) in order to complete the registration formalities. Then, the Guest is obliged to pay the rest of the stay in cash and the spa tax in the amount of PLN 4.40 per person for each started day.
  4. The Service Provider has the right to refuse to hand over the keys if the Guest: - does not have a valid ID; - is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants; - behaves in an aggressive manner.
  5. It is possible to stay beyond the date specified in the booking confirmation. Willingness to extend the stay should be reported no later than the day before the date of departure. The Service Provider will extend the stay as far as possible - i.e. provided that the apartment has not been rented to another Client / Guest.
  6. Guests should leave the apartment on the last day of their stay, by 11:00.
  7. It is possible to arrange other times of arrival and departure of guests.
  8. The Service Provider will charge the Guest with a deposit in the amount specified in the apartment description or otherwise agreed. The deposit is collected on the first day and returned to the Guest on the last day of stay, after accepting the apartment without any comments.


  1. Next to each apartment description, there are indications as to the maximum number of people allowed to live in the apartment, the admissibility of pets and smoking in it. Each guest undertakes to comply with these recommendations, respect property and observe generally accepted rules of public order.
  2. In the event of exceeding the number of residents, finding devastation or gross violation of public order, the Service Provider has the right and obligation to intervene, up to the immediate termination of the contract, inclusive.
  3. After 22:00, only the checked-in persons included in the reservation may stay in the apartment.
  4. The guest is obliged to properly secure the apartment, which means closing the entrance door and windows each time you leave it and carefully storing the keys without access to them by outsiders. The Service Provider is not responsible for items left in the apartment.
  5. If, during the Guest's stay, due to his fault, part of the apartment's equipment is damaged or lost, the Service Provider is obliged to claim the losses from the Guest.
  6. Earlier, not agreed departure of the Guest without handing over the apartment may result in claims on the part of the Service Provider.
  7. During the stay, the Guest will be the only user of the apartment.
  8. The Service Provider is not responsible for any inconvenience caused during the stay related to:
    - renovations,
    - construction and finishing works in or near the apartment,
    - noise,
    - failure to supply utilities
  9. The guest has the option of reporting all matters related to the stay to the Service Provider, including possible damage and breakdowns by calling the telephone number provided on the day of arrival.
  10. If you have any comments during your stay which depend on the Service Provider, please report it immediately so that we can solve the problem.


  1. By making a reservation, the Customer / Guest agrees to place his personal data in the Service Provider's database. These data will be properly secured and will be used by the Service Provider only for the purposes of providing the service, i.e. booking, fulfilling the registration obligation and collecting the spa fee in accordance with the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data.         

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